Cami's Statement

My full name is Camellia. I grew up with flowers. Both grandfathers and my father were master rose gardeners. I now grow dahlias with my husband John in our Southwestern garden north of Taos.

The incredible light in New Mexico is unrivaled. Painting flowers makes me smile! Conservation and a love of nature have sustained me on my spiritual path. Bringing joy, light and color to others through my work is an added bonus.

Visiting Taos in 1988, I was introduced to Joseph Nordman, a student of Nicolai Fechin. I had been saving an article Mr. Nordman wrote on Fechin for the Western Art Digest in 1985. Eya Fechin, Nicolai’s daughter, was at the entrance to the now Taos Art Museum at Fechin House and asked me if I would like to meet the author.

After our meeting Mr. Nordman, before returning to his home in California, followed us back to Colorado and taught me to paint outside in the plein aire! It was a pivotal point in my painting career. The birds were singing, the wind was blowing and I loved the experience so much. From then on my studio expanded to the outdoors.

Traveling to Alaska for 4 consecutive summers in the mid 90s was very meaningful for me. I painted so many paintings, taught workshops and learned a whole lot more about producing work in a totally new environment.

Supporting art in our public school systems is one of the most important issues today I believe. Aside from training new artists the skills they will need, it also teaches art appreciation to a whole new generation of young people.