Awards and Press

Artist’s work is marked by rich, saturated colors (932K PDF)
"...a light that seems to shine out from beneath the oils themselves...."
Albuquerque Journal October 2014

Exploring the Natural World Through Art (416K PDF)
"...What these paintings have in common is the search for gesture, a sense of movement that unites all forms..."
Taos News Tempo September/October 2014

Love, Light & The Pursuit of Art (1909K PDF)
"...reveals a lifetime of dedication to the spirituality of nature...."
Taos Magazine September/October 2014

Award Winner, National Park Academy of the Arts, 2004

Chimayó Trading del Norte (365K PDF)
"...'I have been fortunate to study the light and color in many places in the world....'"
Taos News Tempo February 2008

A Love for Art (672K PDF)
"...her paintings have evolved so much during the past years...."
Taos News Tempo September 2007

Cami Thompson ART-TALK Rising Star 2007 (221K PDF)
"...'what is cobalt blue in Colorado, is turquoise here'...."
ARTtalk 2007

Balanced and on Solid Ground (385K PDF)
"'...The natural world is very important to me....'"
Taos News Tempo March 2005

Takah Sushi (406K PDF)
"....Thompson wrote an original fable called 'The Land of Noh,' which she then illustrated in the mural...."
The Aspen Times December 2004

Questa Artist Wins Prestigious Wyoming Award (434K PDF)
"....She has an eye for nature and wildlife...."
Taos News Tempo August 2004

Painting Fast and Fierce in the Natural World (483K PDF)
"'Painting outdoors is invigorating. I've experienced all the elements....'"
The Aspen Times March 1999

"Best in the West Show" (393K PDF)
"....Cami Thompson was paint Bart with his owner Doug Seus...."
Park City, UT April 1998

Thompson's Art Keeps Evolving
"...she won the top 'Best of Show' award for her painting of the young African girl..."
The Valley Journal June 1997

Colorado Artist Shares Techniques (680K PDF)
"....Thompson is noted in the field of 'art to wear' and textile design...."
Kodiak Daily Mirror July 1996

One-of-a-kind Skiwear Designs (385K PDF)
"...Thompson paints exotic snow leopards or snazzy zebra stripes on solid-color suits and jackets...."
Skiing October 1988

Lions and Tigers and Bears (438K PDF)
"...has patented a process to keep paint intact after years of contact with snowflakes...."
Snow Country September 1988

Thompson Retrospective (659KB PDF)
"....Thompson's designs can be seen on shawls walls and almost everything in between...."
The Aspen Times "At The Galleries" August 1987

Artware Fashions Opening Eyes (672K PDF)
"....Designers of hand-crafted, hand-painted women's attire...a unique line of elegant clothing
The Aspen Times September 1984

Metropolitan Museum of Art Teal Silk Outfit (246K PDF)